Kate Middleton one of today’s top fashion icons

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has the left the world dazzled by her elegance and flawless taste in both style and fashion and thereby being the most admired icon of royal fashion to date. Kate claimed her spot as fashion queen when it was revealed that the country’s favourite colour with regards to fashion was the Duchess’ signature blue.

The survey was conducted by Dpressipi, a fashion website, showed that blue was among the top five most favourite colours. The mirror reported that a study conducted by vogue showed that 38% of the women claimed that blue was their most favourite, a colour that was coincidentally worn by the Duchess 24% of the time.

Kate wears red 13% of the time, a colour loved by 24% of women. Whether or not this proves the Kate Middleton is a representation of the most fashionable woman in the country, it does however show that, either way, her role as a trend setter is an undeniable truth, and now everyone is waiting to see what her maternity wardrobe will look like.

The People Magazine reported that Kate’s growing baby bump was evident when she was in West London doing some shopping elegantly clad in a tartan print Zara cape complete with a black scarf, leggings, and brown boots. She had tied her hair up in a ponytail as she shopped for shoes at a footwear boutique.

Kate Middleton is expected to make another official appearance with the world eager to see her baby bump. On Tuesday, the St. James Palace announced that she will be expected to pay a visit to Hope House on the 19th of February. This will mark the 31 year old’s second public appearance since she and her husband William had a private viewing of her first portrait at the National Portrait Gallery in London last month.