Kate Moss handbags

With summer leaving us, it is time to consider updating our style for the cooler months ahead. We can take a look at some of the best trends of the moment to get some inspiration. Looking at some of the new celebrity trends that are occurring is a good way to start, especially if you look at the new range of handbags that supermodel Kate Moss has brought out.

If you consider the number of successful lines run by the supermodel, Moss is clearly one of the most successful fashion icons there is. The Autumn collection that she has designed this year for Longchamp includes wallets and handbags. These ranges seem certain to be added to the very large collection of successful runs Moss has had as it seems to meet the excellent standards set by all her previous ranges.

Despite the preparations she is making for her wedding to Jamie Hince she has not let it interfere with her work and the launch of the product with Longchamp seems to be going ahead as smoothly as ever. Alasdair McLellan is the photographer of the advertisements for the range that feature Moss. The adverts have a British feel and expertly combine functionality and style in equal amounts.

This summer saw a great deal of very colourful bags and those who enjoyed these will be happy to hear that the bags this coming autumn are following the trend. The bags coming this winter will be the perfect accessory to liven up any outfit. Satchels are going to be popular and we are already seeing them being announced in bright colours and with attention drawing details.