Kate Moss says there is no kids fashion line

Contrary to media reports, the supermodel Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace are not launching a fashion range for Tweens at the leading department store chain Debenhams. Considering the inches of press that are given to her shopping excursions, lunch dates, pub jaunts etc the chances were slim that she could embark on a major new retail adventure without the British press picking up on it.

The article regarding her new venture was tucked away in the Times of India’s entertainment news section, and stated that Moss and 9 year old Lila were all set to launch their new range at Debenhams. It went on to say that the supermodel, 37, had signed a deal worth £400,000 to create a range of clothing whose designs were ‘funky tweenage’ and the launch would take place in the summer of 2012.

An intrepid British reporter who thought that something didn’t ring true in the article picked up the phone and called the Debenhams press office, who have refuted the claims saying that it is a complete fabrication and they have no idea where they got it from. As they put it, a return to designing for Kate would be big news, and not hidden in a section of an Indian publication.