Katia Elizarova face of Max Studio

The new brand ambassador has been announced by Max Studio. Katia Elizarova is to be the model for the fashion house. Several other celebrities have previously held the position such as Lily Cole.

Her role will be to act as spokesperson for the company and attend events on the half of it. She will also be involved in advertising campaigns as well as catwalk shows. About the appointment she commented, “This is a great opportunity for me and I’m proud to be able to represent Max Studio. It is a real honour to be working for a company that is so creative and is undergoing an international expansion.”

The head designer of Max Studio is Leon Max who commented, “We are delighted to appoint Katia to the position, she is the embodiment of femininity and has excellent style. She is the perfect match for our fashion house.” The company was founded in the late 1970s and is known for its luxury clothing across the US and Asia. Currently it is planning an expansion into the UK.

Katia has previously worked at other fashion houses and with numerous directors, magazines, and photographers. She was born in Russia and this is where she started her modelling career, since then she has become the face of many famous brands and has hosted numerous events and opened many shows. Recent highlights from her career include work with Espirit and GHD.

Max studio is known for its leading-edge design that is targeted at modern women. It is a global company and its items are sold through its boutiques, stores, and online. Some department stores also sell its items.