Katie Holmes’ foray into fashion is a resounding success

Katie Holmes is the latest celebrity to take a stab at the fashion world, and has been doing so through her notable fashion brand, Holmes & Yang. She recently attended New York Fashion Week, in order to greet well-wishers for her, and she was wearing an incredible outfits made out of the black leather blazer, and heels that had gold beads on them.

In recent years, the number of celebrities becoming involved in the fashion world has greatly increased, and Katie Holmes is just one of the latest to join a handful of celebrities who have created successful fashion brands.

In recent years, clothing has come out from Venus Williams, Jessica Simpson, Heidi Klum, and Avril Lavigne, all of which has been successful. StyleWatch is a popular fashion publication, and the editor of it is Susan Kaufman and she has recently commented, “This year we’re seeing some incredibly successful lines from celebrities.

They are creating authentic looking clothes, which are very true to the celebrity who was involved in the collaboration. You can see real emphasis being put on the clothing that is clearly to do with the celebrity, and these are not just ways for them to make money, but ways for them to express themselves passionately.”

It seems as if Katie Holmes is ready to join the elite club of successful celebrity designers, as her clothing has become very popular. Interestingly, since her divorce from Tom Cruise, a great deal more interest has been paid to her clothing line, something that she is sure to appreciate.