Kelly Brook set to go naked for new Reebok campaign

Kelly Brook, the actress and model, has recently been recruited into a campaign for the sports company Reebok. In the advertisement she is going to be appearing nude, which is something she has been doing a lot lately. She recently appeared in the movie Piranha 3D where she was fully naked.

It is widely expected that this new campaign from Reebok is going to create many complaints, something which happened during a recent advertisements for Hunky Dory crisps which featured many scantily clad women rugby players.

The billboard for Reebok features her lying down with nothing on except for a pair of trainers by the company. She has commented, “It is a little bit scary seeing myself up on the billboard nude, but it is something that I’ve become used to especially after I did a recent shoot for Playboy magazine. It seems as if this month is one where I am going to be appearing naked a lot.”

She has recently returned from the United States where she was filming the Piranha movie. About this she commented, “This is a film that is a lot of fun and it is something the fans really seem to like. If you enjoy horror movies that are entertaining, then this is definitely something you should go and see.”

She has also recently stated that she is not particularly against the airbrushing of the female figure in magazines, although she has stated that slimming people down is a bad idea as it can promote an unrealistic body shape for young women.