Keswick Enterprises seals deal with Polish counterpart

Keswick Vector SMC Polska is a joint venture company formed earlier this year between Keswick Enterprises and Vector Global Logistics. Keswick Enterprises, based in the UK, is a group of companies that specialise in logistics and supply chain services, operating both domestically and internationally. Vector Global Logistics is a Polish firm doing the same sort of business but until now only in Poland.

A recent press release announced that following a five-way bidding competition, the joint venture company has won a three-year logistics contract with one of Poland’s leading fashion retailers, Esotiq and Henderson. Keswick Vector’s chairman, John Harvey said he was very pleased with the new contract. He remarked that Esotiq and Henderson is “. . . a dynamic young business with ambitious domestic and international growth plans. . .” and expects to help them achieve their goals.

The contract involves the warehousing and distribution of more than 6,000 Esotiq and Henderson lines that include their specialty lingerie and underwear to about 150 outlets in Poland. Those outlets include the shops owned by E and H plus franchises and wholesalers. It also involves added value services, such as labeling and putting lingerie on hangars, plus selecting and packaging for delivery by courier.

Esotiq and Henderson became an independently quoted company at the beginning of 2011, with its public face the well-known Polish model Joanna Krupa. Previously their logistics services were supplied by Poland’s major retail group, LPP SA, which also owned the separate entities Esotiq and Henderson.

The joint venture will build on Keswick’s international logistics experience and the value of Vector’s expertise in Poland, expanding their distribution coverage to Russia, the Ukraine and the Czech Republic.