Kim Kardashian embraces Kanye’s hip hop style of dressing

When Kim Kardashian started dating Kanye West it was obvious that she also turned over a new page in her fashion portfolio as her style drastically changed. It was clear just how much she has adapted her style to match West when she showed up at the New York Fashion Week using his arm as an accessory to her new hip-hop style.

She traded in her low cut dresses and cleavage dresses for a white dress with fringe that actually covered her upper half with plenty of layers. Earlier in the week she was also spotted in a mini skirt and black leather jacket.

Although the white dress may have helped cover up some of her cleavage at the Marchesa show, it did very little to cover her famous rear behind as it was clear that it hugged her back end pretty perfectly. While she was all glamour Kayne was a bit toned down, dressed in denim from head to toe. He paired his jeans with some very sparkling white trainers that almost matched the colour of Kim’s dress. The pair joined Kelly Osbourne, Tyra Banks, and Stacey Keibler at the fashion event.

The two were happy to give photographs to those shooting the front row, and seemed to be enjoying themselves at fashion week given the fact that fashion is one of their strengths. However, all of the fun will soon be over for Kim who is planning to leave LA for work for three months although she has not yet told her fans where she will be heading next. It is not clear where she is headed to yet, but she has been tweeting to her fans that she has to leave for a few months and will miss her home city.