Kooky Swimsuits and Funky Trunks range from Simply Swim expanded

Kooky Swimsuits and Funky Trunks range from Simply Swim expanded

The swimwear store online Simply Swim has recently expanded its already large range of fashionable swimwear this season with two new collections from Fashy and Shimmsuit, as well as those quirky favourites Funky Trunks and Funkita The wonderfully brightly coloured and kooky swimwear broadens the already vast choice that is available to those swimmer who are also trendsetters and want practical, durable swimming trunks and  swimsuits.

The store has added the new collections in response to their customer’s demands. Their adventurous client have totally embraced the highly individual collection from Funkita, which features original and daring prints that are a world away from the practical and simple colours that you would normally associate with ordinary swimwear.

The avant garde males have now an even larger choice of swimming trunks in the Funky Trunks range. These all feature off the wall prints that range from comic strips to a cosmic landscape.

Shimmsuit swimwear is instantly recognisable by their unusual patterns and vibrant colours, and is the trendy option for young female swimmers. Despite being ultra-fashionable, their comfortable fit and durability has not been compromised in any way and they can be worn on a frequent basis.

Continuing the offbeat theme, retro-inspired, vibrant Fashy swimming caps appeal to women who are as fashionable as they are sporty.

Competition swimmers and those with more reserved tastes will still find a wide choice of competition swimwear, swimsuits and swimming trunks to cater for their needs as Simply Swim continues to increase its lines right across the board.

Customers can also now benefit from Simply Swim’s expert advice pages, covering a range of swimming related subjects.