Kristen Stewart not big on designer gear

When you think of fashion icons, Kristen Stewart is probably not the first person who will come to mind. There is no question that she is very beautiful but she does not dress in a fashionable way, most of what she wears is designed for comfort, not style.

That may be changing though as, while filming for her latest film Snow White she took some time to investigate what was on offer at London Fashion Week. When she was at the show she was sitting right at the front with an icon of the fashion industry Kate Moss.

In an interview with the magazine Vogue, Stewart commented about her clothes, β€œI enjoy not having a stylist who picks out my every outfit and I like just being able to wear what I want. I know my fashion sense is not that great, but I am okay with that, the clothes I wear are comfortable.”

That said, when she arrived at London Fashion Week many eyes were directed towards her as she was wearing a short skirt and black heels. About the dress she commented, β€œIt is nice to be able to change the way I dress and mix things up a little.

I am hardly someone to regularly go to fashion shows, but I do like to keep things hip. I came to the show because it seems that all actors today have some sort of influence in the fashion world and I wanted to experience that.”