Lara Stone and the new Mercedes Benz SL Roadster

Some of the most eagerly awaited fashion shows of the year are those sponsored by Mercedes Benz, which have slots within the top fashion weeks around the world and showcase their collections in the likes of London, Paris, New York, Miami and Sydney amongst others. Their latest campaign is to highlight their Autumn/Winter collection, and the promotional video features Lara Stone and the new Mercedes Benz SL Roadster.

Alex Prager, the American film maker and photographer has created the ‘Icons of Style’ visual for Autumn/Winter 2012 with a surreal, imaginative and thought provoking short film, which has the two leads being played by Dutch model Lara Stone and the SL Roadster. Prager has taken her own personal style icons; David Lynch, Frederico Fellini, Alfred Hitchcock and the Wizard of Oz and combined key elements in this film.

Combining her two life passions of photography and film making, Prager has given us a wonderfully surreal take on her own personal inspirations. Against a backdrop of a Kansas style landscape in the darkening days of Autumn, Lara pulls to a halt in her Roadster and gets out to look over the vast expanse of nothing that surrounds her, including the twister in the distance.

As it approaches, she gets two small cases from the boot and stands waiting, seemingly preparing herself for the journey about to begin. As the twister catches up she starts to rise into the air like a modern day Dorothy, and far from being afraid, she looks visually exhilarated by what is happening to her.

Who is she and where is she going are the questions on everyone’s lips, and it just adds to the almost ethereal appeal of this film. What is the significance of the rainbow? What part does the car play? The answers to these exist only in the mind of Alex Prager.