Liam Gallagher fashion line pays homage to the past

Fashion and music have always been closely related to each other and therefore it is only fitting that Liam Gallagher’s label Pretty Green has decided to pay tribute to an olden musical period by calling its newest collection ‘The Vinyl Revolution.’

The collection is due out for autumn/winter and is aimed at capturing the new popularity of vinyl as it is experiencing a second life among hipsters. The idea according to Gallagher is to capture the idea that the record store is the equivalent of personal style as it can sell classic looks that are up to par to modern standards.

The line has several different looks such as The George Harrison, Breton Hipster, the scarf, and more. The scarf comes in everything from Union Jack to muted Paisley. It will take an outfit that is boring and turn it into something that is sleek and eye catching. The scarves are all statement pieces and will draw the eye.

On the other hand, those into the later sixties will love the psychedelic chic style that pretty much looks like anything from Magical Mystery Tour. These prints will look stellar with jeans or even cleverly thrown against a suit.

For an older look the double denim called the George Harrison might do the trick because with a swagger in your walk this look is pretty much the epitome of rock star. The look is meant for two shades of denim however so be careful when creating the look.

Finally, the Velvet Underground is for those who want to look like royal rock stars because velvet is one fabric that hardly makes an appearance in menswear even though it should. The pea coat pretty much takes any component of the collection up another notch and is impressive in its own right.