Lisa Snowdon’s Campaign with M&S Woman

Marks and Spencer have just released their new spring line of fashion for women. Featured in this year’s catalog is Lisa Snowdon. Lisa stated that she was excited about this year’s fashion show, and believed that spring is all about colour. To her surprise this is exactly what she got, this year’s focus was in fact all about the arrangement of colour and comfort.


In this video, Lisa mentions a few of her favorite looks that she was captured in during the shoot. Her first favorite look was a pair of bright purple jeans with a stretchy and soft grey top with little anchors printed on it, they also took the liberty of adding a bright red belt to clash together but create a look that also worked together. Lisa believed this look to be youthful and fun, and that was what she was looking for this spring. She also favored the bright red jeans with the black and white striped blouse and a bright green handbag. She noted the handbags this year will be “phenomenal.”

Lisa stated that there were three innovations this year that took her by complete surprise, including the no peek blouse, the secret support dress, and the swimwear. With the hassle free, no peek blouse, Lisa stated, “This blouse is completely ingenuous and designed especially for women like me with a bigger bust size.” This blouse features a hidden button between the first and third buttons to keep the shirt from folding while being worn and exposing more than a lady may wish to be seen.

The second innovation was a secret support dress. These dress features a support system throughout the entire inside of the dress. The third was the swimwear. Lisa believes that “The deep V neck with the underwear creates a sexier look while out on the beach.” She says that M&S’s designs are all about innovations, super quality, and lots of colour.