Look for a used BMW1 series for sale

Whether you have decided to trade in your trusty old car for a new model, or have passed your test and looking for your first car, the enormity of choice can be daunting. While you may be tempted to rush to the nearest search engine to look for a used BMW1 series for sale, just stop for a moment and consider what you really want out of a car.

We all grow up with the image in our heads of our dream car, and the one we aspire to drive as adults, but the reality is that many of us have to compromise that dream for practicality. There will always be those, however, who have the latest must have city car, or cabriolet in a vibrant colour, with music blasting so loud your fillings rattle as they roar past you with the top down.

You can bet your bottom dollar that when these machines come to a standstill, from the drivers seat will emerge something that looks like it belongs in Vogue or some such similar glossy. These drivers don’t want a little run around to get from A to B, they want to make a statement every time they hit the tarmac, and see their cars as more of a fashion accessory than an essential item.

These cars will be selected carefully as they need to have that kind of style that won’t go out of fashion and will allow their owners to stay on trend until the next big thing has been around long enough for you to start spotting them amongst the second hand cars for sale. This is nothing new, and for decades people have used their cars as status symbols, fashion accessories and everything else that a car can be used for.

These flashy numbers should only be driven by the young in reality. How many times have we drawn alongside a aging bald man at the wheel of a sports car and chortled to ourselves? Mid life crisis is one things, but someone need to tell them just how ridiculous they look. Women are no better, stepping out of their soft tops teetering in their heels, with enough botox and make-up on to sink a battleship.

Cars are an essential part of our lives and many of us rely on them, but these oldies with minds of a teenager should really look in the mirror sometimes, with their glasses on.