Look stylish this winter with the new collection from Miss Selfridge

With many leaves off the trees now it is not that hard to believe that winter is on its way. In the world of fashion the winter season is already here with most designers anxiously introducing their autumn winter 2012 look books so that their fans can get ready for the impending fashion freeze.

Winter fashion is always a fun time of year because outerwear comes into play complimenting many of the normal layers by just adding an accent. Miss Selfridge is the latest high street designer to release their look book for the winter season, and judging by the vintage outerwear in the collection this winter Miss Selfridge is choosing to keep it classy.

Given how many designers are currently embracing the colours of the eighties and the grunge of the nineties, it is nice to see one high street designer keep their collection classy and versatile. While still edgy and daring, the Miss Selfridge collection is great for those who do not want to feel like they are in university again.

You can see the vintage glamour really come out in the evening dress line with gorgeous hues that make you wish you had somewhere special to spend the evening just so you could justify taking one home with you. The peplum designs are just as enticing when laid against strong tailoring that offers them a sharp and defined cut so that career woman can manage to strike the perfect balance of feminine and strength all at once.

Texture is the real key to the winter styles presented in the look book, as clearly displayed by the black looks that are layered several times for the perfect silhouette of fashion. Sexy and elegant, these looks paired with simple heels are enough to knock almost anyone out.