Looking after fashion fabrics

Although the world of fashion changes very quickly, there are some pieces in your wardrobe that are bound to be timeless classics. You know, these favourite little numbers that can be relied on for any occasion and any season.

So what do you do when they start to show their age and look a little worn and tired? You don’t want to replace them – after all, where are you going to find another style staple like this? Instead, you need to master the art of fabric  stain removal and learn how to care for your favourite fabrics to keep them looking at the best … and we’ve got just the tips to help you.

How to wash luxury fabrics

First things first, how do you wash your favourite items of clothing? Throwing everything together in a standard load is unlikely to achieve the best results and certain fabrics will need a little extra TLC.

Take luxury items like silk and cashmere for example. These should always be hand-washed and left to dry naturally. Don’t be tempted to wring them out for a quicker dry either as this can really damage the fibres and leave unsightly wrinkles in your precious clothes.

Stronger fabrics like denim can be washed in a number of ways. A good old spin in the washing machine is fine, but if you don’t have the time for that just leave them in the freezer for a couple of days or hang in the bathroom before you shower. Both techniques will take away nasty smells without the need for a full wash and dry and are a good idea if your clothes don’t require a full wash but could do with a quick freshening up.

Stain removal tips

While a general wash will help you keep on top your favourite fashion items in good condition, there may come a time when you need a little extra help to shift dirt and stains. Remember Slush Puppy’s? Those vibrant red and blue drinks? Well, let’s just say someone managed to spill one of those down their favourite white shirt. These sorts of blunder are not uncommon, but what do you do when it happens to you?

Learning a few easy stain removal tips is essential and the key principles are to use the right cleaning product for the right fabric/stain. If you need to get a mark out of something very fragile like cashmere or wool then make sure to use a gentle cleaning fluid specially designed for that type of fibre. Baby shampoo can sometimes work well if you don’t have a specialist product to hand but you should follow the instructions on the care label and test on a small area first to make sure it won’t make matter worst.

For spillages on your retro leather jacket or tougher materials, use a damp cloth to dab at the stain (never rub). For extra resilient fabrics like your favourite pair of jeans, pre-treat them with stain removing laundry detergent and pop them straight in the washer on a high setting.

How to store your favourite fashions correctly

Of course washing your favourite fashions is only half the battle, to really look after them you need to know how to store them to. If you still believe the myth that you need to hang your clothes up every night, then stop it right away. For many quality items of clothing, hanging them up can actually damage the sensitive fibres. In most cases, you’ll find it is better to fold them gently instead. This prevents the weight of the clothing from stretching the fabric out of shape over time – just make sure you choose a cool, dry place that is free of moths. For added freshness, you can even put a pouch of laundry powder in the drawer too.

Keeping your clothes looking as good as new

One of the best things you can do to make sure the clothes you love stay newer for longer is to store them correctly, wash them correctly, and learn the right way to tackle stubborn stains. Remember these basics of storage, washing and stain removal and you’ll keep your favourite fabrics looking fabulous forever… or at least as long as they’re in fashion for!