Lush fresh and handmade cosmetics

Unfortunately, when the cold weather and the harsh winds arrive, it is our hair and skin that takes a battering. There are a few steps that you can take, however, to ensure that through the winter you keep both in tip top condition. The fresh and handmade cosmetics from Lush offer a great choice of beauty and hair products that will both care and rejuvenate your hair and skin, as well as being good for the environment.

Lush products are completely vegetarian and use none, or very little, preservatives. They are all handmade, there is no animal testing, and Lush are also a company who are constantly working on reducing their carbon footprint. It is very reassuring to know that by using Lush products you are helping the environment, so why not start exploring what Lush can do for you too.

As far as hair care is concerned, Lush has covered all the bases by offering their customers the same benefits as their processed, chemical laden counterparts claim to offer. If your hair is rather flat and lacklustre, then the ‘Big’ range is perfect for you. Your hair will be left notably softer and will smell great. Do not be put off by the appearance, despite looking like seaweed it contains mandarin, neroli, vanilla and orange flowers.

Those with blonde and bleached hair have a constant worry that it will take on a yellowish tinge, the ‘Daddy-O’ range boasts essential oils to keep your hair both soft and vibrant, and stop any discolouration in its tracks.

If your skin needs a quick fix, Lush face masks will give you exactly that. If you have a big night out approaching and want your skin to be extra soft and smooth, get yourself some ‘Ayesha’. This is the perfect antidote to the effects the winter weather has on skin. For maturer skins, ‘The Sacred Truth’ is a great choice to rejuvenate the skin.