Make cash from your old clobber

Far too many of us simply throw things away when we are having a clear out rather than turning it into cash. While it may feel worthy to fill those charity bags that are pushed through the door and this is obviously a way for charities to raise essential funding, there are times we could all do with extra money ourselves, and turning unwanted clothes into cash has never been easier.

EBay was once the first place people went to sell and buy unwanted clothing and there were some real bargains to be had. With seller fees on eBay and PayPal fees to contend with, many were finding that it wasn’t worth the effort of taking pictures and putting them on the site to sell. These are the people who are now sending their items to charity shops etc as they don’t realise there are many more ways of making money for unwanted clothing.

Social network sites such as Facebook have numerous groups that sell things amongst members of the groups. While this is free the downside is that they tend to be cash on collection, so if you are selling a dress in Newcastle somebody could be interested in it who lives in Norwich, then you have lost a sale as nobody is going to travel that far for a dress and the whole PayPal, postage and packaging comes into it you may as well have gone to eBay.

Anyone who has ever sold or bought CD’s, DVD’s or vinyl records will probably have already heard of Music Magpie. What you probably haven’t realised is that they now offer a cash for clothes service. As long as your clothes are in good condition and clean Music Magpie will buy them off you. They have teamed up with enterprises across the company which gives you two ways of getting your clothes to them.

There are local ‘send shops’ across the country and you can find the nearest one to you via the Music Magpie website. You can drop them off at these shops and they will send them to Music Magpie for you. Alternatively, you can give them a ring and they will come and collect your clothing free of charge before sending them off. You will then get an offer and can opt to be paid by either bank transfer, cheque, e-vouchers or donate the money to charity.

There are many reason why you would have clothes you don’t wear any more. You could have gained or lost weight, the kids could have grown out of them, you may have changed your style of dress or you could have simply decided to empty your wardrobe of those knee jerk bargain buys that still have their price tags on. Forget the charity bags and recycling bins, turn those clothes into cash and get something back for what you have laid out hard cash in the first place, and services such as Music Magpie make it easier than ever.