‘Mantyhose’ causing a buzz in the fashion world

In the last couple of years the sales of tights to men has dramatically increased. The fashion industry has given the name for tights that are designed for men the ‘mantyhose.’ Some men are choosing to wear them just for lounging around the house, while others are using them as a fashion statement, often wearing them with shorts.

Whatever the reason they have bought them, there is no question that the sales to men have dramatically gone up. A recent interview with the designer Emilio Cavallini revealed that around three percent of his company’s tight production is targeted towards men.

Most of these sales are going to men in the likes of France, Scandinavia, the United States, Germany and Canada. The website from the designer, which is responsible for marketing the mantyhose, even has a detailed set of instructions about how to put the item of clothing on. It highlights how important it is to have well taken care of nails when putting the tights on.

A fashion blogger has recently commented, “We believe that this item of clothing can break into mainstream men’s fashion. It can become something that can be worn everyday as a fashionable item of clothing for men.”