Marc Jacobs at fashion week in New York

The most popular show during the fashion week in New York was definitely the one put on by Marc Jacobs. It was no surprise that when the show went ahead recently there were a large number of celebrities there to see it. All the famous people who came to see the show couldn’t have been disappointed by the showmanship of Mr Jacobs.

The set was like a mystical forest and provided an excellent backdrop for showing off the designer’s latest winter collection. Fur hats and large shoes appeared to be some of the latest trends, as were fur coats with sequins that made them seem to almost be covered in snow flakes.

The fashion director of InStyle magazine is Hal Rubenstein and he commented, “Mr Jacobs has a way with theatrics that many other designers don’t. The lighting is fantastic, the sound is well-developed and the set is something to behold. He has a way of putting the ‘show’ in fashion show. The show recently seemed to be some sort of fairytale and it was certainly very beautiful and unique.”

All of the guests at the show seemed to be enthralled by the set, almost more than they were by the clothes themselves. Both of these things though were exceptional, and it seems as if Mr Jacobs continues to cement himself as one of the world’s leading fashion designers.

Mr Rubenstein continued, “His set is obviously very over styled but he does this on purpose because he knows it’s what the audience are coming to see. The clothes he puts on display are spectacular in themselves. People know that they are going to have something to look forward to and when they are put together with his beautiful sets, it creates an experience quite unlike anything else in the fashion world.”