Marc Jacobs

There are many top designers whom the mere mention of their names makes fashionistas go weak at the knees. As far as shoes and bags are concerned, there is one name that will have all the celebrities straight on the phone to their PR to get them the latest product, and that name is Marc Jacobs.

The American born designer who since 1997 has been the creative director at French fashion giant Louis Vuitton, where he has designed hugely successful collections of both ready to wear and mainline garments. His own lines of accessories and sunglasses are the must have items among the fashion police, and as far as his millions of fans are concerned he can do no wrong.

His trademark are his aesthetics, and the playfulness and inventive use of colour have helped Jacobs to secure 7 much sought after CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) awards, including the prestigious Womenswear designer of the year.

His website is everything you would expect from one of the top designers in the world and is a veritable wonderland that displays the enormous talent and skills that Jacobs possesses as a designer. If you are lucky enough to secure one of his latest pieces, it is more than likely that you will have been on a waiting list, and even his old items sold in the online auction sites sell for hundreds of pounds.

As well as his own label Marc Jacobs, he also has a secondary infusion label Marc by Marc Jacobs which he introduced in 2001. This gave everyday people on the street the chance to own items designed by the great man himself but at a lot more affordable prices.

Another successful branch of his business has been his foray into fragrances, distributed by Coty and at first only available in perfume boutique, these have gained in popularity over the years and now are some of the most sought after fragrances which bear the names of a top designer.

Still only 48, the handsome and enigmatic Jacobs has years ahead of him to create even more of his stylish trademark items. A Marc Jacobs bag has long been seen as a status symbol and that kind of iconic recognition certainly shows no signs of debating.

Along with his menswear, womenswear, his little Marc Jacobs range and everything else that he casts his magic over, this is one designer who, thankfully, will be around for a long time to come.