Marks and Spencer multimedia zones

Multimedia zones are going to be trialled in Marks & Spencer stores in order to give customers a more interactive experience. Video walls are going to be installed to provide shoppers with a display of actual outfit they can buy.

It is hoped that these interactive features throughout the store will help people find inspiration about what they want to wear. There is also going to be a stylist tool which will allow customers to virtually mix together clothing to see how the overall look of it would be. These technologies are being developed with the help of the NCR Corporation.

The programme manager for IT at Marks & Spencer’s is Craig Smith who has commented, “This new technology will allow customers in the store to mix together clothing from different ranges to find an outfit that works for them. We are hoping that this technology will allow customers to create an outfit that they like, no matter what their body shape or size.”

Marks & Spencer’s have an extensive range of clothes in all different sizes and by using these interactive features in stores the company will have to hold less stock which means that it will be able to save money.

The director of retail at NCR is Stuart Henderson was said, “Marks & Spencer’s are crossing the bridge between the online and physical stores to bring a greater shopping experience to customers. Customers value being able to see products in store and touch them but they also value the extensive collections that can be seen online.”

Multimedia zones are being installed in several stores in the UK and these are also available at the store’s flagship outlet in Paris. If successful, it is expected the trial will be expanded to other stores across the UK.