Mary Berry as stylish as ever at 77

Mary Berry is not the typical model, but her elegant appearance at Wednesday’s National Television Awards proves why she is a star that always shines. In fact, most people are surprised to learn that she is 77, because in her subtle but stylish way Berry continues to always take peoples’ breath away.

Berry choose to show up at the red carpet in a bright blue chic dress with a high waist and light cotton bodice that was matched against a thicker silken blue lower part that ran straight to the floor. She paired the blue against some white pearls that helped spice up her neckline a bit and then with gentle lipstick and sultry eyes completed the looks.

Of course, in order to look this great Berry had to take some risks and break the basic rules of being 77. For instance, she fearlessly showed off her arms, choose to wear something that had sheen, and choose a very vibrant colour instead of sticking to the neutrals.

Berry became a fashion icon after appearing on The Great British Bake Off and since then her outfits have helped boost the high street. For example, she was able to help Zara’s floral bomber jackets take offer and did the same for Whistles when she wore a rose blazer that was purchased from Whistles.

The real shock to watching Berry is not that she is a trendy seventy year old, but the fact that she is a pretty seventy year old. What strikes your eye immediately is not that she is old, but instead that she looks so much better than people that are half of her age. For women that are half her age, her obvious beauty and approachability is something to strive for.