Mary Berry steals attention away from the models in Paris

Being a style icon is apparently not something that is limited by age, and Mary Berry has recently proved this. The fashion circus recently moved to Paris to showcase the various fashions that are going to be appearing in 2013. There were many different themes occurring at the event, and one of the most notable ones was the show by Jean Paul Gautier, where he was seen sending out models that looked like pop star icons.

Many famous faces came to the event and were seen in the front row. One of the most prominent people who appeared was Kristin Stewart, who was seen wearing a bright yellow leather jacket, which was particularly noticeable.

Mary Berry was seen wearing a silk bomber jacket from Zara, which looked stunning on her. Since she wore this outfit to the event, many people have been commenting online about how great it looked, and asking how they can get their hands on the clothing.

This has led to Berry being hailed as a style icon, and there is no question that this outfit was something that was very notable. It is particularly interesting to see how this outfit was actually getting more attention than the clothes that were being displayed on the catwalk.

What this really shows is that we shouldn’t just be celebrating style icons who are very young. People of all ages can be interested in style, and Berry just goes to show this. She is perhaps best known for hosting the baking show on BBC two, The Great British Bake Off and despite being 77 years old, she is still capable of showing a great deal of younger people how to dress.

She looked incredibly elegant at the event, and it seems as if she has an almost effortless style. With so much effort going towards reducing age discrimination in the UK, it seems as if fashion is the one area that is lagging behind, and it seems as if Berry is intent on changing the situation.