Men’s Fashion Miss-Statements for Spring/Summer 2012

The major, industry-wide fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris are the boon and curse of fashion houses and designers around the world. New clothing lines must be fully developed and models found months in advance.

Travel arrangements, event security and fashion secrecy add to the stress that the audience never sees as the wafer-thin models showcase each designer’s visions.

The autumn/winter shows ended in March, and big name labels and aspiring artists are already working hard in preparing their fashions for the 2012 spring/summer presentations in both men’s and women’s wear.

Some catwalk highlights have created entirely new looks that spiral from haute couture to department store versions. Unfortunately, not all that is shown is that lucky.

From green, leafy, golf-ball looking…somethings…that cover the upper male body to orange male celebrations that hint of Picasso on meth, not all men’s fashions make statements that should be heard.

The Spartan look…literally…with bare chest, shielded arm and bracer adorned sword arm, topped by a metallic Robin Hood hat—though in gold, not green—is another that might work well for cartoons but not high fashion catwalks in any season. Hopefully, the designer can sell the look to a Hollywood film studio or the like. As an honourable mention, though, the straight-legged khaki slacks look terrific.

Continuing a hint of Arthurian adornment, also expected to show in men’s wear is a bi-layered pull-over sweater. It’s definitely not recommended for winter because the outer layer at a glance looks like poorly conditioned netting. The braided cords flair up off the shoulders, perhaps pretending to be sharp spikes that help protect the poor night who can’t afford proper chain mail. Distinctive, but most men would prefer to continue wearing their college sweaters to get the same look in a few years without spending more money.

Definitely sci-fi bound, the futuristic look by one designer mixes metal with a skeletal design. Silver plates designate major muscle structure of the human body, laid carefully on an all-white background. Unfortunately, the accessory headband looks like a bandage, needed from wounds received en route to the showcase. For the US male, Halloween is just months away. Yipee.

Alexander McQueen is credited for a… hot… look: Flaming jackets and shirts join black, yellow and orange in flame patterns that run from the shoulders down the back, the sleeves and well into the waistline. Ignore the pattern, and the jacket cut is terrific with broad shoulders and a tapered waist that flares just enough to set the jacket itself off quite well. The matching shirt is collared and buttoned. One can’t tell from preview photos its sleeve length or style. For the racier crowd, the outfit definitely makes a statement, but overall, the design is too flame-bouyant to make a major men’s fashion statement. Niche marketing, anyone?