Men’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

Most women want special lingerie as a gift, especially at Christmas or for Valentine’d Day, and particularly from their partners. The problem is that most of us think that our men should know our size and what we want, when in reality buying for women will never be a man’s forte and the often need help getting it right.

Lingerie is one of the most personal items a woman has and the mistake many men make is to buy what they want to see their woman in, not necessarily what she would pick for herself. Thankfully, help is now at hand thanks to M&S and they have released a video guide so no man will ever go wrong again when it comes to buying lingerie as a gift.

This advice comes from Soozie Jenkinson, the Head of Lingerie Design and Product Direction at M&S, who takes us through a step by step guide to buying lingerie as a gift. Her key tip is to choose a style that suits her personality, so if she is chic and sophisticated then don’t go for saucy and cheeky just because you like it.

The outstanding range of lingerie available at M&S can make buying it a daunting task, but by following the tips given in the video you can’t go wrong. The video is also a wonderful showcase for M&S lingerie, and you will probably pick up some ideas from watching this which will make the task much easier.

There isn’t a British company that enjoys the same stature of reputation when it comes to lingerie as M&S does, and it is no surprise that it is they who have chosen to make this interesting and informative video to ensure that men make the right choices, and the women are delighted with what they receive on Christmas morning.