Mercedes, Mario Testino and supermodel Joan Smalls

Even those who don’t religiously follow the world of fashion will have heard the name Mario Testino. One of the most celebrated of all fashion photographers; Testino is renowned for creating timeless portraits and the kind of iconic imagery that every young up and coming photographer aspires to. There was a mighty buzz when it was revealed he was in charge of the latest Mercedes Benz fashion film, and now it’s completed this was certainly justified.

With Testino at the helm, it had to be someone very special to take the pivotal role alongside the subject of this short film; the CLS Shooting Brake. Step forward Joan Smalls, the stunning Puerto Rican beauty who is one of the top supermodels in the world. She has worked with every designer and photographer worth mentioning, and has graced the covers and catwalks of every top magazine and fashion event across the globe.

These two working together are a match made in heaven, but nobody expected such a spectacular result as this. The video starts with a security guard checking a room in a secret warehouse where every art treasure of the world is stored, swathed in sheets and tied with ropes. The guard notices one of the packages moving and out steps Smalls, clad in skin tight leather with a striking Mohican haircut.

With a knowing glance she goes to a very large item and starts ripping off the ropes and sheets. When these fall away they reveal a gleaming, white CLS Shooting Brake. This is her idea of the perfect piece of contemporary art, and she wants it! She slides in, leaning her head to one side to accommodate her towering hairstyle and once inside, straightens up so it pops out of the sun roof and a big grin spreads across her face.