Michelle Keegan plans own fashion line

Actress Michelle Keegan has announced to the media that she wants to make her mark the fashion sector. She has told reporters about her plans of having her personal fashion line and she has decided to get into the fashion business because of her love for fashion and accessories. She currently writes about fashion in her own magazine column.

The actress has expressed her passion for fashion many times and she told the press that she enjoys shopping for clothes and is serious about venturing into the fashion industry. Michelle is currently said to be in a relationship with fellow actor and TV personality, Mark Wright, who was the star of the show The Only Way is Essex.

Michelle Keegan is a regular winner of the Sexiest Female Soap opera star title in the National Soap Awards and has held this title for the past 4 years. In her soap, Coronation Street, she plays the character of Tina McIntyre. Michelle Keegan talks about why the character she plays is so popular, and she said that people like her character, Tina, for her simplicity and her straight-forward fashion sense. This makes her character, Tina, more relatable to other girls.

Michelle Keegan laughs off her sexiest female soap opera title as she considers herself the least sexy person on the planet. She said that people’s perception of her has been affected by her public persona. She comes off as glamorous and well-groomed in public, but she considers herself a tomboy but she is, however, very flattered that people would consider her as sexy.

Keegan hails from Manchester and worked at the check-in counter in her home town’s airport before becoming a professional actress. She auditioned for a Corrie role once before but got rejected. It was during her second audition that she got the role of Tina that made her famous in the UK.