More controversy on the catwalk

Actor Michael Madsen has turned heads during a recent catwalk show when he was seen wearing a jacket filled with a total of 10 knives. His appearance follows another controversial catwalk show by Philipp Plein whose models were seen carrying guns. Madsen was part of the fashion show held in Berlin by brand G-Star Raw.

He was seen wearing several types of knives that he stuffed in the pockets of the jacket he was modelling. On his back were two machetes that were huge and obviously very deadly. Michael Madsen is an American actor born in Chicago and is 55 years old. He is best known for his roles in the films Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs and was seen at the fashion show with his wife.

Madsen’s fellow actor, Stephen Dorff, was part of the audience during the fashion show. Dorff was prominently seated in the front row of the aforementioned show, and the brand G-Star Raw is also endorsed by Liv Tyler. The brand sells denim wear, accessories and shoes for both men and women and the fashion show was meant to showcase the brand’s autumn/winter collection for the year 2013.

Another fashion show that sparked controversy was that of designer Phillipp Plein, who is a German national. The designer had a few days earlier received negative reviews for his fashion show that featured models that were holding guns. The fashion show was held in Milan, Italy during their fashion week.

The catwalk show was for Phillip Plein’s autumn/winter collection of men’s wear for the current year. During the catwalk, his male models were walking the catwalk holding guns with words painted on their chests denoting that they were killing only for love. The designer received widespread criticism since the recent gun shooting of preschoolers in Connecticut were still fresh on people’s minds.