M&S Lingerie offers women the classic Hourglass shape

M&S Lingerie offers women the classic Hourglass shape

The much admired hourglass figure was there to be admired at the Emmy Awards held last month. Stars such as Kate Winslet and Christina Hendricks were on the red carpet with their enviable curves encased in stunning dresses with really showed off their figures.

It’s a sad fact however that there aren’t that many women who have been naturally blessed with the classic hourglass figure of a large bust, tiny waist and smooth hips. M&S realise this too, and are offering quick fixes courtesy of their lingerie to help women to transform their figures and to give the illusion of having much in demand hourglass silhouettes.

If you are an apple shape you are likely to have good legs and busts, but will have extra weight stored around the stomach area, so what is needed here is some clever waist synching. The essential piece of lingerie to do this is the M&S Body Solutions Firm Control Waist Sculpt™ Cincher. This has cleverly designed panels that shape the waist and tummy while still allowing the wearer have their own lingerie underneath.

Pear shaped ladies tend to be bigger around their hip and thigh area and have a pretty flat stomach and a slim top half. It’s important with this boy shape to attract attention to the slimness of the waist and boost the cleavage as much as possible. The M&S 2 Sizes Bigger Push-Up Bra will do just that.

This push up bra is very lightweight and has been designed to produce maximum impact and will instantly draw the eye to the top half of the body. There is clever padding which gives the impression of a cleavage that is 2 cups larger than it actually is, and there are straps that can be worn at the back of the bra to give that cleavage an extra boost.

The strawberry, or inverted triangle shape, can make finding clothes difficult for women who have a big bust and broad shoulders but whose waist and hips are very narrow. Th achieve the perfect hourglass however this is one of the easiest shapes to change,  as all there really need doing is adding extra shape to the slim hips. The ideal piece of lingerie to do just that is the M&S Body Solutions Waist Sculpt™ Slip Firm Control

This waist slip is a practical essential that strawberries shouldn’t be without. It’s perfect for enhancing the look of dresses and skirts and adding volume to the lower body.

Rectangle to hourglass
Rectangle-shaped ladies will be fairly straight up and down, and the stark opposite to an hourglass, making this the trickiest transformation of all! That’s not to say that it’s impossible though.

Essential lingerie piece: M&S Body Solutions Bonded Waist Sculpt™ Body Firm Control

This firm control body gently shapes a rectangle figure all over for a smoother, sleeker silhouette. Its padded cups will add curves to the top half, so that all that’s needed is a full-skirted to dress to bulk out the bottom half.

And for the natural hourglasses
Real hourglasses will have a similarly sized bust and hips, with a much smaller, defined waist. This figure needs making the most of with vintage-style lingerie from the original hourglass era.

Essential lingerie piece: Autograph Rose Lace Padded Longline Bra

Elegant and feminine, this longline bra has a rose lace design which shows off an hourglass to its full potential. Gentle padding and underwiring give a flattering uplifted shape resulting in sophisticated, modern glamour.