Mulberry bags are this years must haves

Mulberry have one of the most popular shows at London Fashion Week and the company this year seem to be on top form. The bags that are being shown off at the show are thought to be particularly popular this season and many in the fashion world are looking forward to their release.

One of the bags that is most anticipated is the Del Rey bag which is being released next month. The bag has already managed to assemble a waiting list of over 1000 names. The bag is first going to be available in either black or brown leather and then later in the year different versions of it will be released.

It is expected that in August the company are going to release the bag with a crocodile print outer, as well as release one in a gold metallic colour. It is also possible that there will be an element of fur involved with the bag and it will feature a special type of turtle lock.

This is not the only item in the Mulberry show that people are excited over, and another bag called the Hetty shoulder clutch bag is also expected to be very popular. It has a beautiful snake print outside and it has already been talked about a great deal.

This year, London fashion week is joined by several other important events including the London Olympics, as well as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. In order to celebrate these occasions Mulberry have released a special collection including several items that have a particularly British theme.

One of these is a bag with a special type of lock that has been engraved with the Union Jack on it. Many of the items are available in a natural type of leather material that is very reminiscent of British style.