N. Hoolywood tinsel town with an Asian twist

N. Hoolywood is a new collection by Daisuke Obana and some of his latest clothes have been displayed at the Tribeca Performing Art Centre. There was nothing particularly revolutionary about the clothing, which features utility jackets and t-shirts that have been printed with eyeballs. Despite this lack of innovation the show was engrossing for all those in attendance.

Mr Obana is from Tokyo and has only recently shown off his clothes in New York. He is coming at the sports fashions of the US from an outsiders perspective and the clothes that he is making are incredibly well designed.

In this latest series of clothes he has taken influence from 1960’s Hollywood movies. He has gone further than just duplicating the costumes of the actors in the movies but has managed to incorporate the title sequences into the clothing. For example some of the writing on the clothing is scrambled names of some of the actors. Some of the items had ‘The End’ written on them.

There was also a collection at the show by Billy Reid and these clothes have something of a folk influence. There were linen trousers and khaki overcoats and none of the items looked as if they had ever felt the heat of an iron. There were other items, which included a three piece suit that was being shown tied in with dirty trainers.

Robert Geller also showed off a collection and his made use of a surprising material, fleece. It was quite a fashion statement and several of the items were cut into a great range of shapes and sizes. Other designers included Duckie Brown and Daniel Silver, the continued on a theme of theirs from last year; clothes that looked as if they would be worn on street gangs who had undergone a serious style makeover.