Nelly launch English website

Nelly is a website very well known in the Nordic part of Europe and it has recently just launched a store that is dedicated to sales in the UK. The company have launched this new outlet with the hope of strengthening their position in the rest of Europe. The retailer, which is based in Sweden, currently sees 10 million visits to its website every month and is in recent months it has expanded its offerings to 20 different markets.

A version of the website which is in English was first launched in September last year and since that time the store has become increasingly well-known. The website offers a great deal of clothing for both men and women. They also offer accessories and footwear for both genders and also host over 800 other brands that they don’t manufacture themselves. The company has 30 of their own labels which they sell through their websites.

The new website for the UK market allows customers to buy things in pounds and they can get items delivered locally. The marketing on the website is also significantly different for the UK and resources are being allocated on a very different basis.

The company was first founded in 2003 by Jarno Vanhatapio and since that time it has had a great deal of success in its home country as well as in the rest of Europe. The company are currently working on an even greater international expansion.