New blog aimed at highlighting how stylish Sikh men can be

A new blog titled Singh Street Style aims to help showcase the fact that Sikh men can be cool and stylish when they want to and that choosing to don a turban does not stop people from becoming individual and creative with their own sense of style.

Founder of the blog, Pardeep Sing Bahra explained that when he was a teen in Essex he always got the wrong type of looks on the streets and had a rough time wearing his turban. As he got older he fell in love with fashion but noticed that he never saw a turbaned Sikh man on any fashion sites. Therefore, he decided to make it a point to offer a better representation of the Sikh man in the fashion world.

Bahra explained that he wanted to help fairly represent the Sikh man in the fashion landscape of Britain and to show how Sikh and British identities can fuse together. To do this he wanted to prove that wearing a turban does not detract from a person’s ability to be just as stylish as they want. In order to do this he launched Singh Street Style three months ago.

He originally started the blog simply by taking photos of people he would see in central London who wore a turban and clearly had their own sense of personal style. Bahra explained that he would stop and tell them about his blog and most people would be game for being featured on his blog.

He also now takes photos of friends and people that follow his blog often write to recommend people that they believe have the fashion sense the blog is after. Since starting his blog Bahra has photographed Jatinder Singh who is a prominent Sikh model that has previously worked for GQ and Topman.