New Facebook Game Allows Wannabe Fashionistas To Open Virtual Boutiques

New Facebook Game Allows Wannabe Fashionistas To Open Virtual Boutiques
Beauty Town gives users the opportunity to open and run their own virtual fashion boutique

Facebook have launched their latest game, ‘Beauty Town’, which allows user to open and then manage a virtual fashion boutique of their very own. The game has been developed by Dynamo games with support from both Channel 4 and the digital media IP fund from Creative Scotland.

‘Beauty Town; allows players to learn all about fashion and how to look good whilst still having fun with their friends.

‘Beauty Town’ is also a multiplayer, platform game which allows the user to interact with their other Facebook friends while they play. Players have complete control over their avatar and can create and then stock their own boutique to make it the most popular and fashionable place on the street. Players can also grow and develop their characters as they learn the skills necessary to reach new levels.

These achievements all build up towards the ultimate accolade of stylist of the year. The game also has a unique social forum which lets players interact with other ‘Beauty Town’ users. This forum focuses on helping players who have questions on body image, and they can share tips, tricks and advice.

Brian McNicoll, Managing Director at Dynamo Games said: “This is a captivating game that mixes questions and tips around female body image in a fun and engaging gaming environment. The unique social elements mean women of all ages can interact with each other while also sharing fashion tips and advice.”

Ian MacKenzie, Media Project Manager at Channel 4 said: “Beauty Town celebrates beauty and fashion in a way that helps give women confidence in the way they look and act. With the media’s current obsession with fashion and beauty, this game gives women a chance to experiment and learn in private online, while still interacting and engaging with friends and other people with similar interests.”

Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, said: “I saw Beauty Town in development on a visit to Dynamo Games last year and I was very impressed by the imaginative concept and the team’s skills and passion. It is a fine example of the wealth of creative talent and innovation that exists in Scotland, and the launch of this game can only add to our global reputation for excellence in games development.”

Morgan Petrie, Portfolio Manager, Technology and Digital Media, Creative Scotlandsaid: ‘Dynamo has taken its award winning skills in mobile gaming to a new level with this creative social networking game. Beauty Town offers a fun way to engage with fashion and style through communication and a frisson of entrepreneurship.’

Research conducted by Beauty Town to help launch the game has found that only 3% of British women said they are a trendsetter amongst their peer group and half said they hardly ever got a truthful opinion on what they wear from their other half. Brits in general also aren’t convinced that women pay much attention to looking good before they walk out the door with 52% saying they don’t take enough care over their appearance.