New fashion fabric made from milk

A fashion designer who hails from Hanover in Germany is causing a revolution in the fashion industry by designing items using the household staple we all have in our fridges; milk.

28 year old Anke Domaske developed a new fabric, which she has names Qmilch, using a high concentration of the protein found in milk, Casein. This is the first ever man made fibre that has been produced without the use of any kind of chemical. Domaske recently told Reuters that the fabric felt like silk, had no odour, and can be washed just like any other fabric.

As Qmilch is created from purely natural matter, it is ecologically friendly and, according to Domaske, also has health benefits. This is due to the amino acids present in the protein, which she says have anti aging properties, are antibacterial and also helps to regulate body temperature and blood circulation.

Domaske has her own fashion label, ‘Mademoiselle Chi Chi’, and her collection now includes items made from the Qmilch fabric. The current collection has clothes made from various fabrics, but she is planning a full collection exclusively using the milk fibre.

Fibre using milk was first produced in the 1930’s, but until now always included a hefty dose of chemicals, Qmilch is the first ever to be made from such a high concentration of Casein, making it unlike any of the others. Domaske was formerly a student of microbiology, which no doubt helped her to create this fabric using only natural ingredients, and it has only taken her 2 years.

Domaske says that it takes approximately 6 litres of milk to produce one dress, which will then retail for between 150 and 200 Euros. Dried, powdered milk is the basis from which t he Casein is extracted, it is then heated along with the other natural ingredients. This process results in strands of fibre, which are then put onto a spinning machine and then spun into a yarn.