New McDonald’s uniforms designed by Wayne Hemingway have a ‘mod’ theme

Wayne Hemingway, the fashion designer, has recently revealed that he has designed the new McDonald’s uniforms to be styled after the mod movement that took place in the 1960s, and is often seen in the hit television show, Mad Men.

In Stratford, at the new athletes village and Olympic Park, there are four McDonald’s chains and the uniforms here that the staff are going to wear have all been created by the fashion designer. It is estimated that after the successful launch in these four outlets, the uniforms are going to be brought to the nearly 88,000 McDonald’s outlets across the UK.

At the fast food restaurant, those who work behind the counter, creating the food, are going to be wearing polo shirts. Women are going to wear green, while men are going to wear yellow. Those who deal with the customers are going to be wearing chequered shirts as well as green trousers, or skirts for women. Managers are going to be wearing black and white, although women are going to have the addition of a yellow neck scarf.

Mr Hemingway is probably most famous for creating the Red or Dead fashion company and he stated, “When I design these I wanted to include colours that were reflective of where McDonald’s was heading as a restaurant. We haven’t gone for bright colours and instead have chosen a rather more muted uniform.” The black and brown uniforms that were introduced around four years ago, are going to be entirely replaced by this new range of clothing.

The male managers are also going to be wearing skinny ties and the polo shirts have been made in the Fred Perry style. Mr Hemingway continued, “We wanted to make a design that will be a classic. Narrow ties are not going out of fashion and they hint towards 1960s style.”