New M&S graphic tells the history of lingerie

New M&S graphic tells the history of lingerie
New M&S graphic tells the history of lingerie

An interactive graphic has been created by Marks & Spencer which is going to show the history of lingerie all the way from the 1920s up until the 1980s. This show is designed to demonstrate the technology that Marks & Spencer’s have developed over the years in order to improve their undergarments.

The graphic is very easy to navigate and it will show many items from the company’s archives, including vintage photography from the various eras. All of this can be viewed by the public very easily.

M&S has long been known as a solid destination for quality lingerie and leading technology – from control pants to push-up bras. In fact, the first M&S bra launched in 1926 and was designed for use under flapper style dresses to flatten the chest. M&S technologists even helped to shape the Clothing Civilian Act 1941, a government regulation imposed on clothing manufacturing during the war which limited use of certain fabrics.

Other interesting facts include the changing of materials, when advanced bra sizing became mainstream, and advertising slogans adopted by the brand such as “a perfect figure guaranteed” – a promise offered with the uplift bras launched in the 1930s.

To celebrate the Queens Jubilee year, the M&S lingerie design team have also taken inspiration from original 1950’s designs to transform them into more wearable pieces for a new collection launching at M&S.

Consisting of four looks, the beautifully constructed collection uses silk, lace, luxurious satin and mesh combinations to emulate the glamour of the 1950s, including designs based on the original conical bra, corsetry and the big knicker shape.

Retro-loving ladies can pick up the collection in store and online from May.