New you, new style – life after divorce

After you’ve had a divorce, it can seem like it takes forever for you to really move on and get your life back on track. Having a makeover can speed up the process a bit though. It can help you to reinvent yourself and look to the future.

Pick a Style Icon

A makeover can be a really important part of moving on from something as traumatic as a divorce. It can feel like all you want to do is mope about and feel sorry for yourself. You can even feel guilty for wanting to move on. Treating yourself to a new look can get you moving in the right direction.

For motivation, pick a divorcee-style-icon from the celeb world – there are certainly plenty to choose from where that lot is concerned! Look at the latest couple to split up – Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Just last year the pop sensation and hirsute funny man were deeply in love and tied the knot amidst promises of life long companionship. In the end, it didn’t quite work out and a few weeks later, or so it seemed, the knot had unfortunately come untied. They haven’t let this get them down; they’re still modern style icons and continually reinventing their looks.

Changing your look

The easiest way to make a big change to your look is to get a snazzy new haircut. A new chop on top will really change the way you look – and the way you feel about yourself, which is just as important. If you’re bored of having long hair why not have the snip and go for something a bit shorter – just leave Britney’s crew cut for another time, that was a breakdown, not a reinvention. After all the talk of divorce law, having a makeover will at least take your mind of things and all that hair being chopped off will literally be weight off your shoulders.

Finding the real you

When women come out of a marriage, they can often feel worn out and down trodden- an unhappy marriage can be an exhausting and stressful place to live. A makeover can really make you feel full of life again and it doesn’t take much to glam yourself up. All you need is bit of creativity, or, failing that a style guide, and some daring!

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like looking glamourous, don’t worry – maybe after years of dressing like the trophy wife, you just to find the most comfortable clothes you can get your hands on and wear them all day. A makeunder is still kind of a makeover. The thing about a post divorce makeovers is that it’s all about letting the real you show.

Embracing that, means throwing off the shackles and trying looks that you were too scared to try before. If you really throw yourself into dressing how you feel, you might just end up finding the real you and find you attract the type of person to fit the real you.