Oh No! Not Again!

It happens every year. The winter comes around, and I realise I could do with a new coat. But I put it off, because there are very few good shops with fashionable coats in my area. I think, it’s fine, I will just continue to wear my autumn coat until I have found a suitable winter coat. However, because I have an autumn coat on and I have wrapped myself up, when I’m actually in a position to grab a winter coat, it doesn’t occur to me. As the winter wages on I find myself in a repetitive circle, then before I know it, it has become spring and even though the winter coats are now at bargain prices in the end of season sales, I find myself forgetting, now that I am no longer in need.

Red CoatThis got me thinking. This year, I’m going to look online and buy a coat before it gets too cold. But I want a coat that is versatile and fashionable, but that will not cease to go out of fashion any time soon. Whilst searching for an appropriate coat, I stumbled across the website of Fever Designs London, where I discovered the most gorgeous vintage style coats. The vintage look has become hugely popular in the last few months, so I was surprised at the prices – such high quality for such a reasonable price.

Purple DressIn the end, I decided on the coat to the left. I absolutely loved the colour, and the cut of the coat. The high neck is great for keeping the cold out, and the shape is very flattering on my waist and hips. Even the lining of the coat is to die for – it is fur lined, which makes it the cosiest coat I have ever owned – I can’t wait for it to snow now, so that I can get out and enjoy the weather without freezing to death, which I usually do.

And, as if that isn’t exciting enough, I decided to explore the other items sold by Fever, and ended up coming away with the most beautiful purple dress, which you can see to the right.

For many other great products I would highly recommend you check out Fever Designs for a range of vintage fashion statements.