Organic T-shirts hit the shops

In a world where fashion changes incredibly regularly, people are buying clothes and getting rid of them at an alarming rate. This leads a great deal of wastage and it is important to remember that only wearing clothes for a season has a negative effect on both the environment as well as people. A new company is bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry with the introduction of organic T-shirts.

High Tee shirts are designed in many different colours and are very fashionable, but made in a way that is supposed to last more than just a few months. The T-shirts have been made from organic cotton and all of this has come from fair trade producers. Further to this, all of the manufacturing is ethically responsible and the manufacturing facilities are carbon neutral. The T-shirts are never made from inferior materials and they are sure to last for many years.

The T-shirts from the company come in a great range and their styles will suit any age. For teenagers there are hip designs and for those who are a little older there are T-shirts which are simple and perfect for a smart casual look.

Recently the Ethical Fashion Forum has announced, “The figures for clothing and textile wastage in the UK are shocking and every year the average consumer sends about 30 kg of waste to landfill. In 2005 over 1,000,000 tons of clothing ended up in landfill and many of these will not decompose properly because they are made from artificial materials.

Many clothing items are being brought in from locations where it is cheaper for them to be manufactured, such as the Far East. Generally these clothes are of a lower quality and they have a shorter life cycle which leads to more of them being thrown away after a shorter time.