Peacocks boss aims to make Cardiff into a fashion leader

London may be the fashion capital, but one particular man is trying hard to make Cardiff into a proper fashion city as well, bringing it alongside the capital city who saw some of the most influential fashion celebrities such as Vivienne Westwood and Kate Moss shape London into what it has become, a fashion icon and a place where designers meet on a regular basis to decide how the industry would change in the future.

Philip Day is the investor attempting to get some of that same fame for Cardiff and he was speaking at the first anniversary of his acquired business, the fashion chain Peacocks. He called Cardiff a gem and said that there was a lot of potential for this town to become a premier fashion destination with the right infrastructure. It has one of the UK’s highest rated fashion university and several design companies. He said the impression that fashion industries should be in London or Manchester need to be changed.

The chairman also spoke about his intention to increase the number of Peacocks stores to 800 in the near future, which will safeguard over 6,000 workers across the country. He will also increase his presence overseas with 200 new outlets. Finally, he said that the group had acquired 388 stores recently and those would be controlled from its headquarters in Cardiff. Thanks to young talent being produced in this city, he is hopeful for the future.