Picking the right sportswear for your body type

2With an outstanding and mind boggling range on offer in shops today, sporting apparel can be one of the most difficult types of clothing to shop for. There are many things one should consider when buying such clothing, with the main focus being on type of fitness activity and fabric content.

At first it can be intimidating and time consuming when shopping for sportswear for your body shape and type. Here are a few tips to avoid spending lots of time trying on outfit after outfit and worrying whether you have made the right choice.


Points about body type

Figure of eight

With fuller hips and a larger bust that are close in measurement along with a smaller waist, you’re a figure of eight shape. Flattering items for you include: tops that are cinched in or have detailing at the waist, are fitted, sleeveless and have a v or scoop neck. They also include pants or Capri bottoms with a defined waistband that is fitted but not taut and shorts or athletic skirts that show off the legs.

Styles to avoid: horizontal stripes as well as clothes that are overly loose or too constrictive.

Pear shape

If you are smaller on top with wider hips and rear, you are a pear shape. Complementary workout gear for you includes tops that are lighter coloured or printed, are sleeveless and have interesting details.

They also include Capri pants in a solid, darker colour, fitted but not tight and boot cut or flared.

Styles to avoid: light-coloured bottoms, short shorts and pants with big prints or stripes down the sides


For those who are straighter than a figure of eight, your goal is to add curves in all the right places. The best clothing styles for you include sports bras and cropped tops with padding or v-cut, ruching on the sides, coloured panels and prints.

On the bottom, athletic skirts, shorts or Capri pants in bright colours and prints with coloured waistbands to define hips are your best options.

Styles to avoid: wearing one colour from head to toe and baggy clothing.


For those who have a rounder tummy with thinner arms and legs, you need to emphasise sleek limbs and downplay your mid-section. Clothing shapes to try include: tops which are loose through the mid-section and hips with a tie to add definition and tank tops or short sleeved varieties. Bottoms best suited to your shape are short length shorts or athletic skirts or bottoms with a drawstring waist and slim-leg Capri pants.

Styles to avoid: flared or boot cut pants, bottoms that are too tight at the waist and which dig into your midsection and elaborate or loud patterns.

The latest styles

Many brands of sportswear offer extended sizes and the newest technology in clothing. Women with large busts can choose from a wide selection of supportive tank tops and sports bras which incorporate moulded cups and moisture-wicking that makes working out more comfortable.

Men and women with large thighs will recognise the value of athletic pants with anti-chafing elements and silky nylon exteriors. Many manufacturers such as Clifton clothing  are able to customise items in this way to suit the needs of the team they are supplying.

Fitted rash guards or workout shirts with sun-blocking technology are brilliant for enthusiastic runners and they also look gratifying on anyone with wide shoulders. Slim leggings are comfortable and perfect for virtually any activity – from running to rowing. While they look best on those who are already fit, they can also compliment fuller figures when worn with longer workout tunics and cardigans.