PieBoy’s new range boosts the Uni Clothing market

The Uni Clothing market received a big boost with the news that PieBoy’s new range is up and running. With an extended range featuring a jacket and sweat pants this latest offering should prove to be an exciting development in the Uni market.

Not content with winning Shell LiveWire’s Big Idea Enterprise Award, founder Andrew Jervis has decided to move PieBoy forward, based in part on some impressive market feedback from the University population about its styles and what it has to offer the student market. Never content with following, PieBoy continues to be a leader in the Uni Clothing market.

Mixing Manchester’s unique appeal with the brashness of American student life was always going to a winning formula, albeit with some interesting challenges along the way; the short product life of any new design is a typical issue a player in this market faces. The PieBoy range certainly offers its market something new, a step away from the usual range of t-shirts, hoodies and track pants most students are accustomed to.

With the Uni market on the move, PieBoy is poised to capitalize on student’s demands for more choice and better value for money as tuition fees rise and many have to make less go further. It’s even possible that Uni clothing may follow the American model of varsity merchandising where students regularly wear their campus branding in and away from the classroom.

Purchasing Uni Clothing has been taken to a new level with the upgrade of the PieBoy web site. The site, pieboyclothing.co.uk has been designed to make it easier for customers to browse products and have purchases delivered directly to their preferred location.

PieBoy have also partnered with SmashUni to produce the lifestyle guide “The 142” which is focused on fashion and nightlife; and with Manchester Entrepreneurs they are producing the Manchester version of The Apprentice.

More success seems certain for PieBoy in the future. The design team has produced a new concept, thread52 which offers a new t-shirt design each week. Each new logo is based an amusing event in the past week and seems certain to be another winner.