Prada’s latest cropped pants and shoe combo take the fashion world by storm

There was a time, not so long ago, that if you wore trousers that didn’t cover all but the soles of your shoes people thought surely they must be hand-me-downs from an older, shorter sibling. Well, some people did anyway. Not any more, not after fashion-setters like Miuccia Prada presented the latest version of cropped trousers and fancy shoes, specifically the shoes called Mary-Janes.

Cropped trousers can be defined as anything that ends above the ankle, just to display a flash of skin and show off the shoes that go with. They can be almost any colour, pattern or fabric and range from form-fitting to wide-legged, but be aware that no matter what the fit or fabric, what they won’t do is make you look taller and skinnier.

Since that particular look (the tall and skinny) is practically a requirement in fashion circles, the ‘this-is-me-and-I-like-it’ statement you can make with this easy to wear look can be ‘liberating’, to use Jess’s word. But, she says, you have to be careful about the shoes. They ought to be Mary-Janes, not to be confused with t-straps; Mary-Janes have a single strap across the top of the foot. Heels can be moderate; mainly you’re projecting an attitude of confidence with just enough warmth.

Jess calls this a “Strong Look” – one that lets the world know you have a unique and rather fearless personality. Beware of overdoing it, however. Cropped trousers by their very nature tend to make short legs look shorter, and remember it’s the combination of casual free-style pants with elegant footwear that makes this one work. We think.