Prom dress styles under threat

We have all read the stories about schools setting stricter rules about what their pupils wear. There’s the one about the school that banned coats because they hide the school blazer and badge. Then the school that banned all skirts of any form, forcing every pupil to wear trousers. The notorious back lash wash the boy that claimed it was his human right to wear a skirt…the stories get dafter and the rules get more draconian. So it comes a no surprise to see more and more rules being enforced when it comes to prom dresses, and what one can/cannot wear.  In the US an increasing number of schools are setting out very specific rules regarding prom dresses.

A recent article in the Daily Mail highlighted the range of fashions now being publicised as inappropriate at a prom. Posters and power points are being put up and emailed to pupils to draw their attention to what is considered inappropriate. For example

  • To short; so just below the bottom is not allowed
  • Slit to high; much above the knee is not allowed
  •  Cut out sides showing more than 3 inches
  • To many cut-outs on sides and back
  • Low arm holes
  • Plunging back dresses

There are reports from some US prom dress companies of dresses being returned. Girls are realising they might be turned away from their prom and will not risk it, hence swapping their dress for something “less revealing” or  more compliant with the school rules.  Some schools have teams measuring dresses as girls arrive, checking they comply. And they’re also checking for panels that have been tacked on, later to be ripped off to reveal the real dress beneath!

It has to be said some prom “dresses” do leave little to the imagination, and wouldn’t in my book qualify as particularly flattering. Being aware of your body shape, what suits you and above all, what is flattering seems to be a sensible approach. Of course, what happens in the States often filters over her to the UK, and it would come as no surprise if we start to hear about such “fashion” rules coming into force at UK school prom’s. But I wonder if some other trends might also hit over here? Such as the boys who was banned for turning up in full Scottish kilt attire? Or an instance where a boy tried to turn up in a dress to win the prom queen title?

So just ensure, you get a prom dress that ISNT going to see you turned away at the door!

P.S Did you see the story about  Michele Obama’s prom dress picture big reveal? See the picture? She would have been prevented from entering quite a few Proms these days in a dress cut that high!