Pulling off the Tomboy Look – 5 Golden Rules

2In today’s diverse world of fashion, there are a vast range of styles favoured by those with a broad range of tastes. For many young women, the tomboy look is beloved and timeless – and there are a number of ways to recreate this look perfectly.

From ripped jeans and trainers to one of the variety of casual leather jackets for women, there are many different items that you can mix and match to look like the coolest tomboy in town. Even celebrities are sporting the tomboy look these days, which has helped to make popularise the style among teens and younger women.

5 ways to perfect the tomboy look

If you fancy dabbling with the tomboy look yourself, there are a number of ways to create the perfect finish. Five steps to help you to achieve the tomboy look include the following:

Choose your colours carefully: being a tomboy doesn’t mean that you can only wear dark colours, but you do have to think more carefully about the shades you choose. Forget pretty pinks and floral prints. Instead, go for solid colours or patterns such as khaki or combat-style prints.

Go for the really casual look: When it comes to style, you should opt for a really casual look, choosing ‘active’ clothing such as jeans, trainers, combat trousers and the like. No pencil skirts, high heels or anything else restrictive or girly should be on your mind!

Opt for loose clothing: In order to try and perfect the tomboy look, you should avoid wearing tight clothes, such as tight fitting tops and tailored jackets. Showing off cleavage is also a no-no. Instead, opt for casual, loose fitting clothing and baggy clothes.

De-accessorize: When it comes to high fashion, you’re probably used to being told to accessorize and buy handbags, hats and shoes that match your outfits. When you are opting for the tomboy look, this you can forget about. Handbags, matching shoes, and dainty jewellery are most certainly antithetical to the tomboy look.

Make-up: When opting for the tomboy look, you don’t have to forgo make-up altogether – but should try and keep it to a minimum. If you can get away without wearing it, though then all power to you. However, if you feel like you do need to wear some, opt for neutral colours so that your skin and appearance remain looking natural.

There are various other things that you may want to consider in order to perfect your tomboy look that have little or nothing to do with what you wear – you may want to crop your hair or wear it in a choppy, messy bob. Don’t forget that the way you walk and carry yourself are essential components of style, too.