Punk is alive and kicking in Paris

It seems that punk is alive and kicking in Paris as many of the fashions taking to the catwalk by Jean-Paul Gaultier bear a great resemblance to the punk style. Those on the catwalk are not the best items Jean-Paul Gautier has done of late but despite this, there were several good ideas and the collection definitely had a great deal of energy.

The problem with the clothes by Jean-Paul Gautier in this collection, is they seemed to show that he was trying to get too many ideas out in one go. The show started well, with some impressive designs, but quickly the excitement petered out. It seems that in the collection he was trying to mix too many ideas together and unfortunately many of them clashed.

An on-trend collection was shown by Viktor & Rolf which showed masculine shirts worn on women, as well as padded shoulders which made the 80s look rather tame. The problem with these outfits, is that they were just way too much. The size of them would have meant that the wearer would struggle to fit through a normal door. The size of the clothes was actually rather amusing, rather than making any fashion sense.

Vanessa Seward has shown dresses that had the styling of clothes that would be worn on young girls. Some of the innocence that might have been intended by the clothing was rather lost when they were worn, in a rather limited way, by adults. Essentially it seemed this collection was designed for big girls with something of a bad streak.

The clothes being shown at this Paris event are ready to wear and the show is lasting for nine days. As well as the show there is also being a great selection of lavish parties occurring after the catwalk shows.