Recycled fashions take pride of place in Coronation anniversary fashion show

Coronation designers are hard at work reinventing fashion by using recycling to create new pieces of fashion for the fashion shows scheduled to take place at Buckingham Palace. As part of the events for the anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation a new show will be presented that features dresses completely made out of parts from cars.

The Queen is known for recycling dresses that are a part of the royal wardrobe, but it is still not very likely that the Queen has ever thought about recycling car parts and turning them into fashion. However, she will get to see a grand collection of these dresses as outfits made out of steering wheels and leather car wheels are going to soon be modelled at Buckingham Palace.

The designs will be part of one of the fashion shows held during the four day Coronation Festival. Senior members of the Royal Family and the Queen are expected to be in attendance at the fashion shows that will help detail how British style has evolved during her majesties reign. One show will also be called ‘reinvention.’

It is this show that will see dresses created from the upholstery of the Jaguar Land Rover and a Bentley. The car pieces were chosen as both companies supply cars to the Queen, and the dresses will offer all types of different uses for car parts from embellishments that include bolts and screws to accessories that include hub caps and wheels.

Also on the schedule to help reinforce the theme of recycling will be a Royal Mail dress that is mad completely out of recycled plastic shower curtains. It will have stamps embroidered into it that each offers a different image of the Queen from every decade of her reign in England.