The Return of the Christmas Jumper

Mr Flibble jumper!

Mr Flibble jumper! by Neil Turner

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Christmas jumpers are absolutely everywhere this year, and they have somehow become the must have item of winter 2013. Everyone from high street shops to high end fashion designers are jumping on the jumper trend, and there is something to suit every budget, and every family member – from the smallest to the tallest. Previously shunned as a nana knitted fashion faux pas to be worn only on Christmas day itself, Christmas jumpers are not only tolerable this year, they are a must have in any fashion conscious individual’s wardrobe. Wear it with pride right through December and all the way to the New Year.

Choosing your jumper

With so many different Christmas jumpers to choose from it can be difficult to decide what to go for. The brave and out and proud Christmas lovers can go all out with a novelty number, complete with bling, flashing parts and 3D snowman’s nose. These are available in all different sizes and are a must have for kids as well as braver adults. For the more conservative Christmas fans there are some toned down jumpers that look more like a regular winter sweater. Usually loosely based on argyle prints these don’t scream festive and merely nod to it with a repeating reindeer pattern or similar in a neutral colour.

Where to buy

Short of getting a relative to knit you a one of a kind Santa special, you will need to find yourself a jumper to buy. Last year the shops were taken by surprise and the popularity of the Christmas jumper was more than anyone expected, so it was difficult to get hold of one from the start of December onwards. With this year looking to be even bigger for this festive treat, stores seem well prepared with huge stocks of the jumpers. You can find great value Christmas jumpers online and on the high street, as well as from high end designers, with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith getting involved for a Save the Children event.

How to wear

It’s Christmas, so anything goes! Team your Christmas jumper with jeans and cosy winter boots for a casual outfit or wear with a skirt or over a dress for layered snuggly chic. Most workplaces are happy for Christmas jumpers along with antlers and flashing earrings to make an appearance from at least the latter part of December, so wear your festive fashions with pride! Some of the less extravagant jumpers look great for the entire winter period as they are less Christmas specific. Wear with wooly hats, scarves, and mittens for the ultimate in warmth during the cold season.

Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day is on the 13th of December this year and is a fab way to raise money whilst wearing a yuletide knit. You don’t need an excuse to get all festive this year though, with so many Christmas jumpers to choose from there’s bound to be one that takes your fancy. Go as bright and bold as you dare and you’ll be caroling round the tree well in to January. Long live the Christmas jumper!